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High-performance, one-component, deformable adhesive

Suitable for laying all types of ceramics and natural and/or reconstituted stones, including thin pieces (3mm).


Application, both in a thin layer and in a thick layer (up to 15 mm).

Greater performance (up to 40% less consumption).


Excellent performance in the most demanding conditions:

– High-traffic pavements.
– Coatings on facades.
– Floors with radiant air conditioning.
– Ceramic overlay without the need to apply an adhesion primer.
– On deformable plasterboard supports.

High humidification. High impregnation power, both in the support and in the ceramic.

perfect thixotropy. Zero vertical slip.


Fields of application


Deformable cementitious adhesive, suitable for laying all types of ceramic tiles and natural and/or reconstituted stones: · Porcelain stoneware. · Ceramic pieces without absorption. · Large format ceramics. · Clinker. · Low thickness ceramics (3 mm). · Cooked clay. · Glassy mosaic. · Reconstituted natural and artificial stones. · Marble, granite, limestone, etc. Suitable for laying indoor and outdoor flooring and cladding for domestic, commercial, industrial and street furniture use, even in areas subject to sudden temperature environments, on supports made of: · Cement render. · Cementitious screeds. · Prefabricated concrete or poured on site. · Pavements with intense traffic. · Deformable gypsum plasterboards. · Heatable and refrigerated floors. · Overlapping tiles, without the need to previously apply an adhesion primer (in areas with heavy traffic, GECOL FLEXIBLE FLUIDO is recommended). · Concrete blocks. · Cement-based waterproofing. · Plaster, plaster, anhydrite, pearlescent plaster and others of a similar nature (prior primer with GECOL PRIMER – TP).


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