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3 to 15mm


Suitable for use on all types of ceramics, natural and/or reconstituted stones and even rectified pieces.

Excellent performance in the most demanding conditions:

–  High traffic pavements.

–  Coatings on facades.

–  Pools.

–  Pavements with radiant air conditioning.

–  On deformable plasterboard supports.


Fungicidal effect (anti-mold). Waterproof.
Abrasion high resistance. Excellent cleaning and maintenance.


Fields of application


Cement mortar with additives for filling installation joints from 3 to 15 mm in:


· Porcelain stoneware
· Ceramic pieces without absorption.
· Large format ceramics.
· Clinker.
· Cooked clay.
· Reconstituted natural and artificial stones. · Marble, granite, limestone, etc.
· Rectified ceramics.


Application on floors and walls, interiors and exteriors, for civil, commercial, industrial use and for urban furniture, in environments with intense traffic, deformable plasterboard, swimming pools, cisterns and fountains, even in areas subject to sudden changes in temperature and frost.

This joint has a biocide and fungicide preservation system incorporated in its formulation.


How to use


1_Previous recommendations


·  Do not apply if frosts or full sun are expected.

·  Do not re-knead the product once it has started to harden.

·  The mixing water must be precisely dosed, since an excess favors the appearance of efflorescence on the surface of the grouting.

·  The mixing of mixtures with different proportions of water can generate different shades of color from the same reference.


·  Once the joint has been applied and filled, it is not advisable to sprinkle it with GECOL JUNTA ANCHA, to avoid color differences and reduction in its final mechanical resistance.


· It is advisable to carry out a preventive test outside the work area, checking if the surface of the coating has a high microporosity, since, with the use of tones that contrast with el of the coating, they can hinder its final cleaning and finishing.


In ceramics with lower water absorption

at 0.5%, it is necessary to add 1 liter of GECOL LATEX to the mixing water for each 25 kg bag of GECOL JUNTA ANCHA.

· In case of doubt, always consult our Technical Department.


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