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Mezzanines (Solid, Lightened and/or Prefabricated Slabs).




Horizontal separator that guarantees great stability and optimal load distribution, providing a good optical and aesthetic finish in exposed concrete, guaranteeing the coating according to the needs. It has a clamping clip for steel.


  • •Parts made of 100% polypropylene or polyethylene with pigment.
  • •Manufactured under plastic injection process. •
  • 100% waterproof and inert product, does not react with concrete and prevents cracks.
  • •Optimal performance under extreme temperatures (-5 to 55c).
  • •Parts manufactured according to international standards ACI 318 s-05, chapter 7. (Reinforcement Details)


  • Designed to be applied on lightened slabs with a compression layer on coffered polystyrene, mud block, losacero vaults. Clamping system designed for mesh. Its design allows excellent penetration of concrete and all its aggregates. Guarantees exact and uniform coatings.

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