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MULTIQUIP GENERATORS are ideal for a wide variety of purposes from construction to emergency power supply.




  • Ringless Design: Reduces the need for maintenance with the elimination of carbon brushes and rings.
  • Excellent voltage regulation: carefully regulated with a range of +/- 3%.
  • High Power Switch: Directs full capacity directly to the 120-volt outlet, or shares it between the 120 and 240 outlets.
  • Breakers: protect the generator from overloads, and protect tools and lights.
  • Automatic motor control: prolongs the life of the motor by reducing its RPM automatically in periods of low load.
  • Easy Starting: Industrial-strength Honda and Robin OHV engines provide dependable performance.
  • Oil Shutdown: Stops the engine from running if the oil level falls below safe limits. On all models.
  • Wheel kits: optionally available for all models.




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