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  • NOT a Solvent – 100% Solvent Free
  • Non-Flammable
  • No Shipping Hazard Class
  • Conditions Pump Seals and Hoses


SealBoss® R70 Pump Flush & Cleaner does not have a hazard class for shipping and is not considered flammable. It offers many advantages over solvents on the job site for health and safety purposes. SealBoss® R70 Pump Flush & Cleaner is not aggressive towards rubber and plastic parts and is safer for the pumping equipment.


SealBoss® R70 Pump Flush & Cleaner non-drying properties serve as a lubricant.

First read and understand all manuals, data sheets and SDS of all the products and equipment intended for use. Wear appropriate safety gear at all times during the application and cleaning processes.


The maintenance and cleaning of your equipment is of the utmost importance to provide for safe workplace conditions. To rebuild a clogged up injection machine can be very costly, if not impossible.


Important: Clean the machine thoroughly and frequently.


The materials used for concrete injection are strong adhesives that will clog hoses and freeze mechanical pump parts if not cleaned out in time. Take the cleaning process seriously and spend the necessary time.


The larger the pump and its capacity including suction tubes and pressure line the more time is takes and the more cleaning agent you need to use. Never pump water with your grout injection pump. Do not leave material in the pump for an extended time.

Replace worn pump parts and hoses early enough to prevent accidents. Use only




Step One – Purge Purge the system of the injection material used.


Step Two – Flush Pump cleaning should be approached and performed with two phases in mind. Initially, and only if in compliance with all applicable regulations on the job site (!), the clearing of residual material may be done with a very small amount of solvent that is compatible with the product.


Follow all instructions and steps that are necessary to be in compliance with use of the solvent. Please note that the chemical composition of solvents may harm the integrity of seals, gaskets and hoses of the pump.


Immediately following the initial purge, use necessary amounts of SealBoss® R70 Pump Flush & Cleaner to rid the pump of any residual solvents and product. Discard of the liquid. Do not recirculate at this point.


Step Three – Recirculate After the majority of grout has been purged and flushed from the system use enough SealBoss® R70 Pump Flush & Cleaner for at least five (5) minutes at a higher pressure setting and recirculate the product. Open and close the shut-off valve several times quickly to build up pressure and allow for high velocity flow of cleaning liquid. This process will help condition the gaskets, hose interiors, etc., prolonging the lifespan of your investment.


You may keep a residual amount of clean SealBoss® R70 Pump Flush & Cleaner in the system as lubricant.


These are guidelines only without any claim of completeness assuming the use of products supplied by SealBoss® Corp. Your conditions may call for modified and even more extensive cleaning efforts.


Important: Be compliant!

Discard of all liquids complying with legal requirements. Do not pollute.


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